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YuliyaBlag photographer

Hi, I’m Yuliya, a full-time professional photographer in Montreal in Canada. I specialise in weddings, events, fashion and family photography, working throughout the Canada and internationally.

Photography became a passion from a  young age. The hobby naturally grew into a career as I discovered an artistic talent and an imaginative eye for images. I love taking photographs, being creative and producing great photos.

There is no better satisfaction then having someone appreciate your photography. This has always driven me to produce images that excel every time, striving to exceed my potential both creatively and technically, this has allowed me to organically evolve as a photographer.
Whether fulfilling a commercial client’s brief for promotional photography or having a happy couple, their family and friends smile as they view their wedding day photos and get transported back to all the special moments.

I always ensure I offer the same high standard of personal service to every client so that they receive the best possible images and professional service. From an initial consultancy to discuss their photography requirements to arranging post production work to ensure each image is at its best.

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